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Rotary Rigs

Our company has two hydraulic rotary rigs which drill using a Down the Hole Hammers (DTH) or a tricones.  These can be used in reverse circulation or direct drilling .

•  Hydraulic drill TH-60 (truck mounted) : The first rig is a TH-60 manufactured pat Atlas Copco.  It is in a standard configuration, ie it is mounted on a 10 wheels truck.  This drill has the particularity to have been the first of its kind in Quebec! 

•  Hydraulic drill DB-430 (track mounted) : The third rig is a tracked Delta Base 430 (DB-430) manufactured by Boart Longyear.  Smaller and mounted on rubber tracks, it has a 3-meter which is articulated along three axes.  It makes it the ideal rig for jobs where the working space is limited.

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