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Company Profile

Les Forages L.B.M. Inc. is a company which specialises in drilling for potable water, environmental, geothermal, mining and for various civil engineering requirements.

The company's goal is to use the expertise gained over the years in these various sectors to provide innovative solutions and high quality products to meet the drilling requirements of its clients.

Our approach aims at defining the priorities and requirements of the customer to determine, in close collaboration with him, solutions that will allow for the achievement of quality work that will meet the established timelines.

Over the years, the consistently demonstrated by the company in fulfilling its contracts with quality work while meeting its deadlines has enabled allowed it to meet, and often exceed, the requirements of its customers. It is this consistency that is the foundation of the strong business reputation that Les Forages L.B.M. Inc. has forged over the last thirty years.

To obtain information about our drilling methods and to discuss innovative drilling solutions that we could incorporate in your projects, please contact us. We will gladly discuss your requirements and expectations.

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