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Les Forages L.B.M. inc. was incorporated in June 1979 and has grown for more than 30 years now under the leadership of Mister Michel Bouffard.

It is from its head office, located in Victoriaville, Qc, that mister Bouffard has built the business outstanding reputation.  From there, he deliberately and orderly grew  the company to its current state.  In addition the that fact that it fulfilled all of its mandates, this growth was greatly supported by the positive collaborations with owners, consultants, engineers, contractors, government and non-governmental agencies as well as mining companies across Canada that members of the company were able to establish over time.  These numerous collaborations also allowed the company to develop the expertise that allows it to perform the most complex drilling mandates in the different fields where it operates, despite the distinctive characteristics of each.

From its initial rig, the team and the equipment park have grown, one rig at a time.  Today, the company which employs more than forty full time workers and owns nine drilling rigs along with all necessary support equipment enters a new phase of its history.

A phase that will see mister Martin Sanfacon, who has been assisting mister Bouffard for more than twenty years in leading the company, and mister Eric Lallier acquire the business while mister Bouffard will remain involved as Chairman of the Board.

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