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Les Forages L.B.M. Inc. is committed to the concept of sustainable development, which requires balancing good stewardship of the natural environment with economic growth.

Accordingly, Les Forages L.B.M. Inc. will:

  • Conduct its activities in compliance with applicable laws and with all other rules and requirements, providing for the protection of the environment, its employees and of the public.
  • Apply appropriate management practices in the absence of legislation and where it believes that more stringent criteria than those established by law are needed, it will abide by these in order to advance environmental protection and minimize environmental risks.
  • Integrate the management of environmental, issues into the company's business plan and operational planning.
  • Protect the environment through the wise use of resources and through prevention.
  • Implement, maintain and improve appropriate management systems and programs to achieve environmental objectives and to improve and surpass its environmental protection objectives.
  • Ensure awareness among employees and sub-contractors of this environmental policy and to those of our clients when these ones exist.
  • Promote shared responsibility and accountability of our environmental obligations.
  • Provide the necessary support and training to achieve these objectives.
  • Communicate openly with governments, employees, local communities and the public to sustain mutual understanding of environmental issues.

Together, let's protect the resources for the generations to come...


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